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Today has been extremely stressful and is not over yet.  That said, I kept my “thing” for today quite simple – simple enough that I could drink a glass of wine and tend to my two and a half year old’s endless requests for juice and trips to the potty (yes, I recognize those two are related) while I TADed.

I love tags, and not the digital ones, paper and cloth ones.  It must be my inner librarian.  That said, I am oddly cheap when it comes to buying tags and labels (as well as socks and wrapping paper.)  I just make my own (except for socks.)

In December 2008, my husband and I picked up a 2009 wall calendar that we loved, but it has run its course.  I kept it up on the wall through most of January and I often found myself confused as to the date.  The calendar is made of a strong and fibrous paper and it is very colorful.  And now, the calendar has been recycled into tags and confetti.

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  1. 02.03.2010 6:24 am

    I love these tags. Welcome back to TAD. Although I’m not joining in, I’ll be following along. I don’t comment often but I’ll be looking!

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