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Things have been a bit stressful at home lately because we are selling our co-op apartment and buying a co-op apartment at the same time.  We thought we had it all worked out, alas, NYC Real Estate ain’t that easy.  Suddenly, my husband, daughter and I have found ourselves not knowing where we (and our loads of stuff) are going to go.  Actually, we are pretty sure that we will be living in my childhood bedroom for a month and then figure it out from there.  In order to make myself laugh at the situation before bed, I made a fortune teller, a la elementary school, dedicated to my present situation.First choose: Co-Op, Rental, Condo, Mom’s House.  Then a number.  Then another number.  Here are my potential outcomes:

  1. Wake up in new place, unpacked.
  2. Go on a vacay, then stay.
  3. Move into new place BEFORE the Elfa sale ends.
  4. Have a stress induced coronary.  Move to ICU.
  5. Become a master home goods seamstress.
  6. Have a free babysitter 24/7.
  7. Couch surfing gives you bed bugs.
  8. Co-op board member leaves your application on a the bus.  Finder of package promptly steals your identity.

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