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In the spirit of full disclosure, I made this on Day 06 along with my chicken cacciatore.  Superbowl Sunday promises to be a busy day full of cookie baking, child rearing, and tv watching.  In anticipation, I am writing this on Saturday night.I am an American football fan.  I watch the Giants – as painful as it is sometimes.  I scream a lot at the tv.  I am also a Superbowl fan.  I think you can be a Superbowl fan even if you don’t have a care in the world for football.  It is an excellent excuse to eat junk food and hang out with friends in front of the tv.  Additionally, it is nice to be in the know when everyone talks about the commercials on the following Monday.

Every year I make my own Superbowl t-shirt.  I have for years now.  I usually do it with whatever I have on hand.  (To be fair, after years of avid artsing and crafting I have a lot of artsing and crafting crap on hand.)  This year I drew out a stencil on acetate, cut it out with a heat tool, and used silkscreening ink, a stippling brush and the stencil to paint it on.

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