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I woke this morning to a city covered in snow.  It is quite lovely.  Snowdays mean making a lot of things: coffee, pancakes, and valentines, to name a few.
My official TAD was to finish prepping material for a pillow project and to finally print on it.
A few months ago, I carved an 18″ square piece of linoleum with an alphabet.  Then I made a rainbow alphabet print.  A friend of mine suggested printing it on a pillow.  I took her suggestion one step further and I will be making the pillow.  (I am pretty new to sewing, so this is very exciting to me.) I swung by Purl and picked up some cotton to print on.  I washed it and ironed it.  Then I stretched it onto an 18″ square piece of plywood.  I have never printed on fabric before, but I suspected that stretching it and pinning it down would make the printing much easier, especially because I was printing with 1 large piece of linoleum.
Now the ink is drying and I am planning to schlep through the snow to Purl tomorrow to buy fabric for the back and a pillow form, not to mention any other notions I might need.
I am very excited about this project!

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  1. 02.11.2010 8:03 pm

    This is AWESOME, Laura!!

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