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TAD DAY 14 & 15


I have been a busy bee.  Yesterday I did more work on my embroidered wall calendar.  I have almost finished April.Today I worked more on my handprinted pillow.  Shortly after I posted my printed fabric, I realized that I had printed with water soluble ink – Duh!  Tonight I tried printing again, and I used silkscreening ink, but I just could not get the ink to work with a linoleum block and successfully transfer to the fabric.  Boo.  So I decided to just make the pillow with the water soluble inked fabric and I will just put it somewhere people don’t sit often and I will enjoy it for as long as it lasts.

I am new to sewing, and I did not have instructions, but I figured I could make a pillow.  I used a bamboo pillow form.  I haven’t finished it; I still need to close the seam with hand sewing – something I am terrible at.  So I am saving the seam finishing for tomorrow, when I am more awake.

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  1. 02.19.2010 8:14 am

    Love your pillow prints Laura, they are sooo cool and beautiful. And that you used water soluble paint is so fun, I imagine running to work with sweat printed alphabet on your cheek. Hihi.

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