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Don’t Call It A Comeback


Wow… it has been since April since I posted. That is A-OK with me and I hope with you as well.  I love blogging about my creative life, but I also love living my creative life; if I must choose, (which I have as of late) I choose the latter.

I am settled into my new home – so much so – that I am already dissatisfied with the minor lack of finishing touches. We have been here and unpacked for so long, that our apartment has had numerous guests come and go, been the venue for a couple of parties and kept me cozy while I consumed billions of hours of Bravo reality programming.

My creative focus has shifted once again, (quelle surprise) and I have been learning to sew and bake – neither of which I had the opportunity to learn at my mother’s knee.  And, I have been eager to show the world what I have been making and baking, but I cannot seem to get photos off of my SD card and onto my computer – so you, and I, will have to wait until I can get my act together enough to solve this doozy of a problem.

In the meantime, here is a photo that I snapped shortly after we moved in of Grandma’s library ladder

Gloria plays on the library steps.

Gloria plays on it with regularity and I sometimes sit on the top step and enjoy my morning coffee or an afternoon drink. It has an excellent view of the comings and goings of Sixth Avenue in Greenwich Village. Our stairs to nowhere get a lot of attention.

After I get myself the few blocks to Adorama, I should be able to share more projects with you.  In the meantime, sit tight, and I promise not to be a creative slacker.

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  1. 07.28.2010 8:53 am

    You may not have learned to bake and sew at knee, but you sure can write. I like to think that’s may be genetic. I loved your entry and picture of Glo and the ladder that means so much to us. I am jealous that you get to sit on it in the mornings with your coffee. How delightful.

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