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TAD 5.2 – A Belated Housewarming/Early Birthday Gift


Many moons ago, my friend Sabrina asked me if I would make her a poster for her new apartment featuring a tweet that she is particularly fond of.  I said, “of course,” and never followed though.  Here was the problem, Sabrina gave me little direction and I wasn’t inspired by the tweet.  Time passed and I bought supplies for an idea that seemed meh but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.  As the days and weeks and months progressed I got angry at the tweet for lacking punctuation.  You read that right, I got angry at a tweet.  I got angry at a tweet, tweeted by @preschoolgems.  As you may have guessed, those are tweets that share adorable things preschoolers say.  I got mad at this tweet: “I would like for you to say wow when I say that you can never love me again.”

Last night I got over myself and got an idea.  It is not a poster – sorry Sabrina – and it is not large in size – sorry again.  But it does have the quote and it does hang on the wall. I used acrylic paint and water soluble crayons on a canvas to get a black board effect.  In general, my style is a little more messy, eclectic, and romantic.  Sabrina’s style is clean and graphic.  I found a middle ground.  Hey Sabrina, I hope you like it!

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