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TAD 5.9

My eyes opened at five this morning and I hung out for twenty minutes unsure if I should get up and write. Five is awfully early. At 5:20, I swung my feet to the floor, grabbed some extra layers, and headed to the kitchen. I heard water rushing through the pipes in the walls reminding me that other people get up at this wee-hour to get ready for their day. Someone else in my building, or several someone elses, was up, showering, grooming, and primping, and preparing to go about their daily business. I fixed a pot of coffee and as the coffee maker went to work, so did I. I worked for over an hour on fixing tenses and “braiding” four pieces to my story. It was hard work and although I now have the form down, I have left behind a cut and paste mess that I will need to clean up later on, perhaps tomorrow.

My daughter has just woken up and she is no mood to be trifled with. I will let my husband deal with that situation today and I will begin my morning chores.

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  1. 02.10.2011 6:11 pm

    5:20 is early..take it easy there.

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