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TAD 5.16


I need a butter dish. I love to make large meals and to feed people and to use the good china. I like to make meals feel fancy and special and then someone asks for butter. I bring out a stick of butter in it’s wrapper, sometimes on a salad plate. There is nothing wrong with that, but if you knew me, you would know I feel a sense of shame about my lack of a butter dish. Today, I spent a good amount of time at a NYC establishment known as Make Meaning, painting a butter dish. I used two glazes – “smiley face” and “happy go lucky”- to paint a mod inspired butter dish. Of course I forgot to take a photo before it headed off to the kiln. I also tried my hand at making a glass ring. I assembled glass fragments and prepped them to head into the kiln as well. I will post pictures once I pick them up.

For those who need to see what I make, I also made a new recipe for dinner – lamb chops provencal. I love lamb and I love these lamb chops! So did my father and husband. The recipe is from Rozanne Gold’s “Healthy Eating 1-2-3.”

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  1. 02.20.2011 1:42 am

    I recently bought a covered butter dish at Target.. it’s just clear glass…but after keeping a stick on a saucer forever, I feel like the Queen of Sheeba. 🙂

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